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About Dewgas

Gupta Oxygen have come up with India’s Biggest & Modern Storage & Filling Plant of Refrigerant Gases at Hisar, having separate storage & filling area for Flammable & Non Flammable HFC’s. Plant comply all statutory compliance from various Govt. Deptt. like Pollution control board, Fire & Safety, PESO, DGFT etc.

Company is managed by well experienced Industry technocrats. Company market its Refrigerants under the Brand DewGas exclusively through its subsidiary Company Fluoro Green LLP

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Building a Sustainable Future

DewGas have been investing in people, processes, and technology to bring and deliver latest range of Refrigerants with Lowest GWP (Global Warming Potential). The result of this effort is that today, we have successfully built the latest modernize filling station with zero release into the atmosphere. We constantly keep on doing efforts to bring new developments and innovations.

Refrigerant R-32

Residential Air Conditioning Gas

Refrigerant R-407C

Industrial Refrigeration Gas

Refrigerant R-410A

Residential/Commercial AC Gas

Refrigerant R-438A

Home air conditioner Gas

Refrigerant R-404A

Commercial Refrigeration Gas

Refrigerant R-134a

Automotive Air Conditioning Gas

Refrigerant R-600a

Residential Air conditioning Gas


Quality Services

Laboratory and Analytical Services

Customized Solutions

We have dedicated team of engineers which can provide customized solutions to end users. Depending upon specific requirement by end user in terms of usage of product, customized packaging viz customized solution are provided by our company.

Refrigerant Analysis

We keep on performing Refrigerant Health Check. We possess Lab equipment which can test, indicate product identity and purity, along with oil residue, moisture, acidity and composition problems.

HCFC is Past, HFC is Present, HFO is Future

Montreal Protocol

Montreal Protocol was formed on Substances That Deplete the Ozone Layer, embraced in Montreal on September 16, 1987…

Paris Treaty

The Paris Agreement is a milestone worldwide accord that came into force in almost every country in 2015…

Kyoto Protocol

The Kyoto Protocol was embraced on 11 December 1997. Inferable from a complicated confirmation process…

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